The Labrador Research Forum is designed to be an essential part of the ongoing dialogue across communities and academia about what research should look like in Labrador and across the North, to whom it must be responsible, and what it can accomplish. It is also dedicated to encouraging and facilitating opportunities for networking and collaboration, particularly among trainees and mentors.

The LRF Steering Committee is organizing a dynamic virtual program, including plenary panel sessions, oral presentations, and social activities.

With lessons learned from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and with the continued environmental crises witnessed across the North, it is an ideal moment to reassess our research motivations, to ask what types of research are needed to respond to community needs and priorities, and to learn from Indigenous researchers and leaders in the North.

The LRF 2022 will include presentations on all types of research related to Labrador and Northern futures, from the natural sciences, health sciences, social sciences, humanities, and trans- and multi-disciplinary projects. Presentation topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Circumpolar research;
  • Northern and Indigenous health and wellness;
  • Lands and waters, flora and fauna;
  • Energy and infrastructure in the North;
  • Learning in culture and language;
  • Indigenous leadership in research;
  • Indigenous and Northern research theories, methods, and ethics;
  • Arctic and Subarctic advocacy, leadership, and self-determination;
  • Post-pandemic recovery; and
  • Northern food systems, food sovereignty, and food security.
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